Zine starts:

MY buddy TIM and I once lived in an abandoned building in Portland Fucking Oregon. When we actually worked it was digging some ditch all day in the drizzle rain & red mud. Or, usually, since Tim was more skilled than me, he'd get better jobs occasionaly. Tim was redheaded. If you didn't know yet (now you will!) don't trust gingers; they are all evil in one way or another. & > And so one day I was terribly drunk when Tim was over at my place. Him and his friend Bill (who i was living with) implored me to sniff aresol. They said they'd done it plenty, and it was great, etc. Now I was 18, too drunk, and really high b/c that's how we do it in Portland Fucking Oregon. B & T were taller than me, older than me, and could handle the drunk, comprehend? ... So, i'm livid, i say NO, somehow making it to my bed, before which I'd passt out on the couch, having peanut butter stuffed in my ear by red Tim. Upon waking i freak, ~ sort of~, getting into bed quickly. Tim, decided he should become naked and jump over my inebriated and tense body and ride it. So you know, I like boys but not like this.

Around 3 pm, Tim & I would get Subway sandwiches and 40s (ounces of beer in one bottle) everyother day or so, playing train (dice 10000) until the sun went down or something came up.

Tim happened to live with me eventually at my place with Bill, which was during the time Bill broke up with my friend Sumi (who was also living with us), Tim & Bill turned into masculine nitemares, and the house went to shit.

Tim rode his bicycle to work at the metal scrap factory, during the winter, at 4 am. I usually saw him when I'd return from my nightjob at Emmanuel Hospital. The place Tim worked was called Slitcher or something, mostlikely backruppt by now.

One day, a sunny day in rainy Portland Alchoholic Oregon, Tim had a new red car. Well, new to him i mean. It looked like some racer car or something, but really junky, and had a bulky hatchback. Anyways, Me and Tim went on a ride, a very dangerous & fun adventure thru the overgrown dirt back allies in NE Portland. WE played a tape _ NWA_ Strait out of Compton _ the loudest, and laughed and laughed and ...


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