5:08 am


Dirk & I smoked a bit last night,
Tday is420, i have no real smoker friends to smoke with, a stash, a peice or anything, i want to find a handle, and smoke it, i feel this will happen before 5 pm .
Truth is, i am just like a hotair baloon , all inflated with hinderances to free moving, yet my body is recovered, and now healing over. i got a hair shave with a 3.5 inch across flophawk thing on top v=ed in the back. today , to begin, i am lonely,.. silly emotions.. i felt more like my old self last nite, Dirk and i went to a show. b/f it started we promptly left. just like my old self to sketch out of a crowd to saftey. oh brutal love saftey. "Need a Saftey Meeting, meingh?" "Chaneleiugha"


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