11:17 pm


none of the six stds checked for were N me. you see, life is a melody is love. my friend Patty is arriving next week , seeing me on Saturday, getting herbs from me on Thursday. FUCKing LOVely genetic, what, .

i have no complaints now, could make up some though. tomorrow, 6 am wake up, 7 30 go deliver a local pape to an island. WHAT, . .

1 pm leave for Tuscaloosa, get there around 6. Find Tom, have fun. Take a shot or a bowl at Midnight. 23 years, WOW. i would love to make it there. only one year and 2 months.

Classic Affirmations. Cleo, Me, GJ, Clairen tried going to auburn (OH.Burn!) yesterday, got just past the bayminette exit, cop pulled us over, car was smoking, end.
Had Spagett at Phil's new place (his late granddad's house) with rommy Robbie H, GJ Cleo, Tyler, danced, had fun with drunk phillip. end.

Life is well. I would be drunk , but work again. like s/he said. divided we all are all diferent. Everything's the same, 'i'm loving it
' what the funk is it? whatever you think? who thinks? useless love of knowledge. let me be addicted to these.. my precious jewels of attentions, simply apply, and wash off. "There's a dance, and you are invited"

you will be there,
i will be here awaiting you.


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