8:15 am


your new entry for a new stay in my past:
us entities need no ever, or face to pretend, we're all divided angels ..

i've just spent 7 days in Portland, moments come/go consistently suprising me. And i cheer into morning, stumbling in appointment/rendevous, meeting you, my dear again,.. time & time again, my friend i miss you again again .. it is cold here... i know where i'm at. i know where i'm going. i know whereI've been. HOw good life is, to be in summer when the heat is here. Life is odd & dazzling:

much, 2 much crohn in it. repeat: finish > I rode sumandhi's bike a little this past week. Today is Saturday. i rturn to mobile tomorrow, and greet rolling earth with sway ^ patience. im patient.
Wren brought me to Cotneu Cirque du Soleil last night off sheridan St near hawthorne bridge. It is a fabulous show. Certainly free. I slept at Kwi's last night for 5 hours while she was awake on a drug's decline. Wren looks great. I feel wonders are awaiting her. Chainsaw is awesome also. All my chums are working well except Kiwi, she just needs to get off the train. Sumandhi, Anthony, & Journey leave this month abouts to Thailand's summer. chainsaw and her girlfriend Stephanie are going in april.
Now going home i will set to work, ing for the spring travels and later for after the summer.

good luck, good night,


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