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cop keed (stolen) for my self moments:

2005-07-08 - 10:10 p.m.

Hey Ya'll! Hurrican Dennis is comming are way! I'm really scared! I hated 'Ivan the terrible' We might be gone for a couple of days! I don't know we are going or not, but hey who ever tells me anything? I am so sleepy right now not kewl! Me and Shawna got in a fight to night. Ok I'm upset because a friend of a friend died Wensday night in a motercycle crash. He was going around the curve and He lost control and went into a ditch, Hit his head on a pole and died when they got him to the hospital! I HATE HOSTPITAL'S!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I do! I really do! I'm about to fall asleep! GOODNIGHT YA'LL :)

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i was on break from my daycare direct care job when my fam informed this craze was going thru the mob. I remember crying ,etc,.. so many memories return to me from reading this stolen post. love,


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