5:00 am


Patty took leave of mobtown, and has returned to her greater home of Chicago, IL , the big cog, the mucho material dynamo of the interindustrial world, YU HEY!!! I am proud of her for making time seemless in her departure. hotown's a a-hole (= lover in spanish). you know you know you know
what i mean, when i say meens make an end. Like i thought i felt weather self in the prime time commercial of filial brain, mixing up
drinks for my partier. my pretty witty
player that's wy ther's coffee in I.T. i filled it up. yeah, well, she's no lover for me NOW, .. OH how i cherish her heart with mine, though adoring thru windows for demigods begins a slow race for pleasure i've seen this woman in varitable weathers,
and NOW DO sever all blind infirmities
of emotional confusion, and dream into
my cringing heart, *&* HER e Once More
awakening into your arrival


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