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12:21 am


musique actue*lle: Raining in Athens --- Azure Ray

I'm sure, if you could smell my stench, it would be nauseating. Work -- is -- fun. :| . Fun I tell you!! FUN!

But, now I must get a date to prom because the guy servers I work with/for have propped up the idea so high. I say there isn't a girl that I would like to take. But, on a thought, I could ask a person or two. Anyhow, I have a choice. I know a few girls that I would have a TIME with, -- it wouldn't be unbarable ('bAr-Able'?).

My friend and I made a pact today: No drugs. And he agreed to call me every three days to check in on how I was doing (no drugs). He revealed to me how he sees Beauty now throughout his day; how he sights it in people, actions, and places. Life is a wonderful existence for f-r-e-e (not oppressed, not impoverished, undefected organs, etc)humans.

Veganism is a prospect in mind. I am going to go on a 3 day journey. But, more importantly, I am going to be conservative in eating, and attempt, as I've done before, to maintain vigilence in my practice (morality, meditation, wisdom; protecting the three doors> body, speech, and mind).

Love, I wish to cultivate, maintain, and spread it.

Lyndsey has got girlscout thinmints for me. Props for Lyndsey! ----I'm
leaving heavy-interaction with party society, and party friends for now ('party' for betterword lack). I will still maintain friendships, but give up on ones that are unhealthy. It's not good for me, or them either.

I make many false promises to myself. I just want clear relationships, and a clear path. The stainless path praised by the supremly relized Buddhas is here; all that is left is a step, and onward.

From now on I will plainly look forward, but make sure my feet are on the ground simultaeneously. (ATTENTION:This is a promise)

Promise, never made,
just memories
don't need 'em
'can have our coffee
'can have our cake
and keep our mind


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