2:52 am


Went to a Church venue show tonight. Took a picture of my French exchange student standing behind an altar pulpit and opening his hands outward (all benevolent -like) with Patty, Swich, and Mark kneeling, with their hands folded and heads bowed before the altar.

A guy broke the party buy saying "That is very disrespectful" or something to that liking. Patty was roused by it; go figure. Swich played a great set tonight. The band broke out a new song, VERY NICE. Parker, my friend, called me a Simon wanna be. So, my hair ain't right, my clothes are incestual, and my bangs fall in front of my eyes so I am forced to brush them far aside. But, it matters not, persay, for no charm have I or concious, direct goal of emulating the redhead, so. so what.

Working tonight. Fun is the pun. With a loaded belly the dishes should buss themselves. "I just wanna be loved by you While you just wanna be loved. You've sucked half of the neighborhood My friend said you were the best. I just wanna be right by you While you just wanna be right. I have many pictures of You A pin-up For every night. | I JUST WANNA get FUCKED BY YOU , While you Just WANNA get fucked. You're so rude You wanna get fucked So you just go & get fucked So rude -get fucked.|"


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