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This past evening I went to Brian's house to partake in a video scavenger hunt. Eventually, 2 hours into the party, as 20 or so guests were present, Brian put us in teams of 6, we packed in vehicles, and drove around the Mobile area in search of video treasure!
He gave each team a list of objectives we had to meet, and record. For example: building a house, ordering only ketchup at a drive-thru, speaking in a foriegn language to strangers, etc.

All the cookies. I don't want to eat desert again, atleast, any desert with milk or eggs in it. It is one at night and I am still quezzy from the lot of cookies and icecream I consumed. Mrs. Fulmer was very nice. She promptly put vegetable stirfry on an electric skillet when she discovered my diet prefrence! It would be so wonderful to go vegan. "New Resolution": I will be vegan for tomorrow. "And the beat goes on".

Douglass's writing style of his narrative has effected this morning's writing greatly. I also drove through writing a final draft of a history-case analysis for Mr. Metcalfe today. It was a struggle. There must be a block. So tired today, was I. HA! Today I thought about it, how I worked mainly with poetry for 4 years, and am now working to plow the fields of creative writing. They don't teach this in school. Senior year, have no fear! :make college count: HA! Satan gave no better prospects|!

Alone, fearless, quivering in a cave,
for once, nowness, quickly we must save,
Deathless women, burrowing in a pool,
Quiet, forgotten, our Mothers', drool.

Erin and I are going for coffee possibly, possibly, yes. Death could catch me as a wind, or send dark bandits
for my past sin.

Clap, clap, clap, do the chicken dance, and faint, for icecream on a cone, chick Feel-A, Clap, clap, "Dance, just do it" , "And will you perform ballet with me kind sir?" "You should not tell a stranger I am not gay!
'Hetero-sexual, homo-sexual, I all love you in deep embrace.'"

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