4:29 pm


ne ne suis pas pas, of course this is the end. Where would I be without one?

But, for no broader reason must one keep on.

There was a small storm today in Mobile. There was a vicous wind churning for about an hour, rain for an hour, and now the sun is descending. Ambient sun light paints the mid-left side of the beige computer screen frame.

-- I saw the blinding orb before it was smothered in dark clouds, and my dumpy, blue grand-am pontiac parked curiously on the lawn's curb,---pointing northeast. In the lawn across the street there were children and two dark coated dogs, but they have retreated. I remember, when I too played with a dog, and ran through the streets after a Mobile storm. That time is over. Perilous studies now light up my path, and all I see towards the end is a broken leash, and "howl" or "F U C K" spray-painted on a shattered wall.


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