6:28 pm


Today. Stefanie's Walter has been cheating on her. He is such a man's man if this is true. All those boys are little turds. His hair smells of shit, and he is my friend.

Supposedly he got Sam(atha) pregnant. I don't half-believe any of it until I talk to Walter. He is a drug head; an impediment to any longterm progress of his mind and desires. But what the hell; the mind crafts the self into hell, an internal construction. And Walter is a poet, a dealer in my craft. He is stuck in his ass.

Stefanie was dramatically depressed. She is dramatic anyhow. I advised her to take some time in rest, and to call me if she wanted to do something. She has an annoying personality, but what the shit!

Today, I turned in the final draft of a setting compostion for my creative writing class. I'm sure there will be critique on it (well needed), and a shining "A" inked on the paper?

Chinese New Year Rock Out Song

Yo, it's the Chinese New Year,
And I don't care,
now don't give stare,
for we made it in a pair,
Little bags of chopsticks
and some penny pinched Ramen,
because those noodles are japanese,
and all bags celebration like these,
so thankyou and get the fuck out please!
And japan is not china
so step into my diner
for my special
of plain racial
jabber knocks,
Yo, this is the Chinese New Year song,
It throws Rock.


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