6:12 pm



The day was. We are elders before dawn. I was once a sea monster with eleven heads, five hundred eyes, ten thousand teeth, and meriads of flaming nostrils. The venerable Lord Buddha found this to be in one of his journies to the sea's coast. He told me this story I will not forget:

"You were the son of a prosperous king who managed all the slaughter houses of the land. You never knew of these killings, but rather lived in the cape of the palace. Now, you have been reborn in this present form because of these inactions."

"Bpulkoueajljoiuerouav" I bellowed.

"You say no this can not be true, but look at the form you've taken. Yet, you still say this could not be true?"


"It is not much more a miracle to be born once, than to be born twice."


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