7:19 pm


Record-: I had morning breath before going to bed at 4 am this morning. I had morning breath irrelevant of I having brushed my teeth thirty minutes before. There must be a problem with my mouth. The back taste buds have become enlarged. There is a malign taste of fertilization in my mouth. I don't really know how to properly describe it. This sickness is helpful. It will give me some time to think. Hopefully I will get down to rest, not rest. The Bodhissatva's of the past and future welcome sicknesses as an early fruitation of negative karma. The other effect would be the karma building to great proportions, just as a seed is small when first planted but eventually becomes a giant tree. By virtuous effort the karma is cut from growing to monstorous proportions, and comes to fruit with only light effect compared to what would be the later effect (birth in one of the hells,etc..)

I went to Barnes&Noble today. I bought a collection of Gary Snyder's poetry. He was a model for a character (Jaffy or whatever the name was) in Jack Keroac's book Dharma Bums. Patty and I went walking through the mall after that, and she filled up a small vile she had with a certain perfume that a certian guy she is attracted to enjoys. And then we went to go get mexican food. I got a vegetarian plate, and I have no idea what she got.

Sean is coming over tonight/tomorrow morning around midnight -- "Let's listen to some John Feyhey, other records and zone out!" "Yes, Let's!". What other banalities have gone by and gone dead...
I started a journal at livejournal.com. That is the popular thing to do. N'est pas?

So my queen never came, and the mid-lace of these ficticious boots have been torn apart by these two hands in erratic unconciousness. How will traveling go on now? Who will be the assassin Rimbaud? Death has met you, and I am too dazed to recall any other events of the past twenty-four hours.

Forget, can we?

tous amour. Salut mon ami,


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