10:57 am


How many people went to the party last night? 10. How many people stayed and talked to each other? none. How many people remained? 8. How many times must the end be in the start? 1.

As the wine glass plummeted to the ground, no once could really pretend that there was paradise. Everyone could realize this was the fall of mountians. The wine drinker blamed it on hilarity. A hand jumped up in a fitting rage, and knocked the 1990 crystal from the drinker's hand. Everyone saw, there was blood, there was plainly smashed up glass on the kitchen floor.

The wind moves lightly. And on wearing sandals on a cool night, 3 days away from Christmas, it must be said, it was pleasant. And there is the great gift of moving on, in making an exit once more. Friends, I do love you, but we will not be friends forever. You can not save the mind of me from the Queen. You, the leaves that, when upswept in wind, meander in circles across the pavement. Me, just as you, something gone and forgotten. This is justice.

All blessings, dear ones come aboard. The ship is guided by the darkness. And do not think for one moment it will guide us beyond the horizon, beyond some aqautic bliss.

"She Loves you, Yeah, yeah yeah,... She loves you, Yeah, yeah, yeah, .... y e a h..."


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