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Today was filled. Filled with what, is the question. Sitting in a class room at a private Highschool while the students took exams was deja-vu. I was sitting in the exact same place one year ago, exactly. Somehow I always end up their. My friend has to take his final final exam, and I stay in his mother's class.

Beyond that I sat at the computer today, looking into the screen. *AIM killed the... ...star*.

Beyond that, I was called off to a coffee shop by a few friends. Yes, they set a date for the party. What is the theme, ... A Vegetarian Potluck. I am going to make something vegan. Brandon is going to cook Lentil soup. Kacy is going to make hell if I know. Tom is going to be tom. Alyson is going to be fun going, and hopefully Jimmy will come. Will I remember these people in 20 years?


I have written this before in a paper journal, but have found the thought to be revitalized, and must write it down again.

--- I feel as if I need a renewal of reality. I am tired of this old place. Why does it have to be decrepid and go sour? I feel I must practice. I must be vigilant, and keep to the path. Otherwise, a great amount of merit can be lost within a moment of downfall. People hold onto pains....

Did beauty run to you, and meet you in the field?
'Catch bright-eyes before the shower?
The dirt turns to mud, and the trees bow,
All the tombstones lie in a neat row.

Lyric of the moment: The Tubes: Power Tools .... " Power tools. Sharpen my edge. Power tools. Power!"

(that was paraphrased, I never really knew it.)


for sure

In tears there is a building of awakenment, and the seeds of her flower will never be scattered with the migration of the horses.

edited: ... and people can hold on to merit as well. It would be attachment to the results.


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