11:25 pm


The Sangha met tonight: Love of wishing others happiness, and love of holding all sentient beings dear was given the most discussion.

The main subject was bodhichitta. The two sub-topics were the two ways of attaining bodhichitta. One is through the six causes. The other is through exchanging the self with others. Why am I typing this here? Maybe it will be something to remember.. ... Probably not! It is in notes anyhow.

Love is wrapped in a box, of gold, and fine bows of lace.

When is it unwrapped? I am too stoned and petrified to make such a feat.

Christ is coming? Where are the presents.

Where is the love? So this is what love is....

Love is such a taste, often sold, and bought into a race.

It seems the writing is splendid in this journal, much more better then in my notebooks. All that is needed is time, and writing will come. Time is short when I am off the computer; there are so many latent appetites I fail to address, even address unproperly. Life is run on a wheel. I can't stop it just yet. I'll move with it.

This winter gives me a chance to read: Like Water for Choclate (school), The Sun Also Rises (to discuss with a friend), a bit of poetry (.....), some philsophy (Aristotle), and Dharma text books for a class next semester.

......, love.


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