10:33 pm


This night there was a reunion. We all sat in an organic coffee shop. We all listened to one person. He has been gone for one year's time.

Today I found out that I have a 60 in my Physics class, and therefore have to take the final exam, even though I am a senior. I shall not be a victim. Laziness was the insidious affliction that worked out this fate. As the great master Shantideva has said:

When seeing a dieing snake,

Crows act as eagles.

When I see myself as a victim,

I am troubled by trifiling failures.


This shit must be wiped off. There must be a renewel of movement, of development. How else can there be ascension out of the rounds of birth and death?

Upon seeing you, I could not tell where I started and where you stopped. But did this all much matter, and who does it matter to ?, ... if the concern is not held by one mind or many?

Now, there is a dinner party planned for this upcoming week; possibly Monday, after SEVEN! It will be a great joy to cook. But where does the great become conditionless...



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